At P3, the keys to success start at the very first planning stages by setting strategies that will provide the direction and momentum for each project. In other words, how we plan and sculpt the natural environment of the communities is critical and fundamentally more important overall than the buildings themselves.

Working With the Laws of Nature

In master planning, it is important to listen carefully to what the land and environment is telling you it wants to be. Like a sculptor seeking to create a masterpiece from a slab of stone, we search to find the 'essence' of each site and ways to work with the natural lines and texture of that location – "not to fight it or try to impose something that shouldn't be there, or that feels unnatural."

Photos from the NW Bicester Project

NW Bicester

The NW Bicester Eco Development is a 5000+ house extension to Bicester, which is governed by Central Government and Eco Town Planning Policy Statement. The 800-acre site will be developed over the next 20 years, with some 30 per cent designated as affordable housing.

P3Eco Ltd. is collaborating with the Cherwell District Council, the Bicester Town Council, Bicester Vision and other local groups to maximise opportunities and benefits for the people already living and working in the town.

As part of its commitment, P3 Eco provided the demo building as well as the John Paul II centre in Bicester town which was opened by Princess Anne last year. It has taken the lead on assembling land, and securing a major strategic holding within the eco town site, and has brought in A2Dominion as a development partner for an early phase of the development and identified other development and infrastructure partners to work with it on long term delivery for later stages.

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