The P3 Group of Companies is committed to perfecting and promoting the development, construction, and marketing of sustainable mixed-use community-focused projects, more commonly referred to as eco towns.

Eco town developments are communities that are planned, built or modified to promote sustainable living and lifestyles in an attempt to reduce society’s use of the earth’s natural resources.

The master 10-point plan, developed by Sir Terry Farrell, focuses on building to high environmental standards and incorporates features like open green spaces, high quality public transport, zero carbon technology and Passivhaus construction while offering economic sustainability by creating at least one employment opportunity per household which is easily reached by walking, cycling or public transport.

Through all of its projects, P3 Group focuses on unique and sustainable development by evaluating reduced environmental footprints, the use of sustainable building products, and employing the best conservation systems and techniques to reduce long-term energy demand and improve financial/market feasibility. 

P3 Group’s vision is focused on developing sustainable eco town communities, first in the UK and then around the world.

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